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All of these features can help you decide on Barcelona vs. Once you select your reception musicians, create a music schedule to help them play key songs at certain times throughout the evening, such as the first dance and the bouquet toss. Unlike ceremony musicians, who need to reflect the moment’s solemn, heartfelt ambiance, reception music is all about entertainment. One caution: There may be a slight up-charge if you’d like the florist to transport and set up the ceremony flowers at the reception site. Of course, you also could ask a friend to be in charge of transporting the flowers and setting them up. For bouquets, you could instruct the florist to retain more stem leaves (requesting, of course, that only unblemished foliage can be used). When interviewing florist candidates, find out how open they are to working within your budget. If yes, call that couple, and see if they are open to this huge cost-cutting measure. Another bonus: Because they do not have a standard wedding repertoire, these musicians may be more open to learning special requests.

The Aragonese Royal Standard (and County of Barcelona, the four red stripes on a yellow field) used alongside the banner of the city worn by Barcelonan soldiers and later joining them in a quartering first depicted on the heraldic sign and later on the banner. In contrast with the preceding years, which had been marked by the almost exclusive programming of the great repertory works, the first season of the new directorship saw a special renewal of the repertoire featuring the first performances in Barcelona of some 100 works by numerous composers. Something special for the festive occasion. When interviewing potential ceremony musicians and reception music candidates, ask for a recording of a past performance. Another option is to ask musicians for upcoming performance dates. Make sure it includes the obvious elements (such as date and prices) as well as the not-so-obvious ones (the musicians’ attire, for example). Barcelona embodies the intriguing oddities of Spain that includes ancient cobblestone streets that wind through the new and the old. This cruise ship terminal is also called the “Port Vell terminal” and is the smallest of all Barcelona cruise ship docks and the most central.

There are many New Year Parties in Barcelona and we list some of the biggest clubs and parties on our events page about Barcelona New Year parties with some of the best parties at top clubs as we get closer to the 31st December. It also allows you to create a short list of two or three finalists and listen to their recordings back to back. However, sometimes this cost is far lower than purchasing flowers for two separate locations. Use the ceremony flowers at your reception as well. Share the ceremony flower cost with another couple. In this case, you may want to try splitting the ceremony flower costs with another couple. And keep a worksheet on each of your ceremony musicians that lists contact information and other important details. Once you both have settled on a caterer, keep a worksheet on all of his or her contact information as well as details about the menu, including costs. Self-catering services have many facilities that you can find in a high-end hotel with the privacy and comfort of being in your own home. In addition, we provide cleaning, stringing, and tuning services for musical instruments. Below are a few ways to stretch your reception music budget, and surprisingly enough, these ideas can often lead you both to more creative and open-minded musical talent.

If you’re heading to Spain, here are a few other posts that you might find useful! Via bus lines like FlixBus and BlaBlaBus, you can find bus tickets for as little as $30 that will take you all the way to Paris from Barcelona in about 14 hours. Changes like these require capital investment. If the ceremony and reception are hosted in the same building, you may be able to hire one set of musicians for both events. Remember, these students may be the same musicians to play at your baby sister’s wedding years from now! Remember, every person participating in your wedding requires either a bouquet, corsage, or boutonniere. Ask the contact person at your church, synagogue, alquiler equipo dj barcelona or temple if there is another wedding the day before or after yours. Oftentimes, ceremony flowers are designed to decorate specific areas within the church, synagogue, or temple. More often, however, you’ll need separate musicians for the ceremony and the reception.